• Aug 03, 2017
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Why Hire An Interior Design Professional?

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Contributed By: Cynthia Soda

Owner and Principal Designer of Soda Pop Design Inc. and newest BDMS contributor, Cynthia puts the art of interior design into perspective, sharing three reasons why hiring a designer can be the most efficient and cost-effective way to the home of your dreams.

Cynthia Soda, Soda Pop Design

Design is the application of intent - the opposite of happenstance, and an antidote to accident. - Robert L Peters

Have you ever planned a road trip? One of the first things you'll need to decide on is the direction you're going. When you're thinking of redesigning, renovating or putting in an addition to your space, think of your designer as a map - a tool to help you get to where you want to go and a means to navigate the roads when the route you wanted to take is unexpectedly blocked.

Making the decision to invest in your space involves a significant amount of time, money and effort. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure you get the value out of your investment that you are hoping to achieve. Interior design is about more than just aesthetics, it's about finding creative design solutions that support your health, safety and well-being while enhancing your quality of life. Below is a list of some top reasons to consider planning your design trip with a professional interior designer:

1 - Designers PLAN. 

Like the road trip example previously mentioned, there are many things to consider before picking up that sledgehammer and tearing down walls. Professional interior designers bring their education, experience and expertise to the table and will see things that you may not in regards to the overall design and to the process in general. It is the interior designer's responsibility to educate their clients in regards to the process of renovating / redesigning a space. Anyone who has ever attempted to build or renovate without a plan would see the value in having a document that keeps misunderstandings and mistakes to a minimum. Professional interior designers create designs and drawing sets which serve as a navigation tool for everyone involved in your project as you move from concept to completion. These drawing sets are generally consulted during the entire life of the renovation and can even come in handy when there are some differences in opinion onsite. Since the designer and client have generally spent a great deal of time going over every detail that goes into these drawings, the plans have the final say - saving time and money on costly mistakes that may have been made during construction.

2 - Your interior designer is your greatest ally.

We want your project to be a success - you want your project to be a success. We want happy clients - you want to be happy with your space. We're on your sideMaking selections for your home can be overwhelming - there's a lot out there! Time and time again people end up spending thousands on items that don't fit in their space, or won't stand the test of time. With so many vendors, contractors, friends and family members providing their opinions, you're likely to start doubting your own tastes and vision for your space. Your home is a physical representation of YOU. A designer in the driver's seat will help you wade through the inundating abundance of information giving you the power to make educated purchasing decisions and stay on track for your vision. It really helps to have your choices narrowed down for you and you may be surprised when sometimes your designer knows you better than you know yourself!

3 - Designers can save you time and money.  

There's a common misconception out there (hopefully less so nowadays) that if you hire a professional, the job will just end up costing you more money - after all more professionals = more money, right? Wrong. Picture yourself going full speed into a renovation, making decisions as you go along, then changing your mind at various stages of the project , having to purchase double the square-footage of, let's say, flooring, because the initial style you bought at a great price didn't work in the space. When you sit down with your loved ones to discuss your visions for home, very rarely do all parties involved agree on everything. After all "home is where the heart is" and you all need to feel comfortable in a space that suits everyone's varying needs. A professional interior designer is a trained set of eyes that can see what you and / or your loved ones may not see and design to satisfy everyone. A good designer is versatile - taking into account how you live now and how you will in the future - thus saving you the time and money making changes when you've outgrown your space or your kids have finally moved out on their own.

Whether you're looking to renovate a bathroom, kitchen, or planning a major renovation or addition to your space, interior designers can help you realize your dream on time and on budget with satisfying results.

Soda Pop Design Inc. is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm providing complete custom renovation and design services for residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA. Soda Pop Design focuses on merging the client's lifestyle, personality and architecture to create customized livable luxury. // sodapopdesign.ca@csodapop, @sodapopdesign

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